Endowment Funds

The Elyria Public Library Foundation is pleased to accept endowed gifts, giving donors an opportunity to participate in the library’s future. The Foundation invests endowments and uses the income for the purpose intended by the donor. The principal remains invested, generating more income as the years pass. Endowment Funds support the library in the following ways:

  1. Unrestricted Endowment Fund - Holds endowment gifts whose use has not been restricted by the donor.
  2. Capital Improvement Fund - Assists with capital improvements to Library buildings under the direction of the Library’s Board of Trustees.
  3. Library Materials Fund - Used exclusively to purchase books, dvds, cds and other library materials.
  4. Children’s Program Fund - Provides professional fees for guest performers, craft and program supplies, puppets and reading awards.
  5. Bookmobile Fund – Provides money for the bookmobile program. Funded the purchase of a new bookmobile in 2016.
  6. Literacy Fund - Supports development and promotion of literacy for all ages.
  7. Keystone -LaGrange Library Fund - Supports the Keystone-LaGrange Branch Library as directed by the Library’s Board of Trustees.
  8. Donor Specific Fund - Supports library programs of special interest to a donor. This requires prior approval by the Library Board of Trustees. For assistance with a special interest fund, please contact the Elyria Public Library Foundation by calling Kathy Allan Smith, Development Director, 440/567-6549