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Summer Fiction 2014



Abbott, Jeff  Inside Man  Why would Sam Capra infiltrate one of the most dangerous families in Miami? To find out who killed his best friend.

Adler, Elizabeth  Last to Know  Detective Harry Jordan is out for a walk at the idyllic, peaceful Evening Lake when the night is rocked by an explosion and a house is engulfed in a fiery blaze.

Andrews, Donna  The Good, the Bad, and the Emus  Meg, whose father was adopted, never met her biological grandmother. Now she has learned that grandma lived in the nearby town of Riverton, but recently died in a suspicious accident that could have been murder. Meanwhile, countless feral emus are also on the loose, having been abandoned by a hippie who unsuccessfully tried to farm them.

Atkins, Ace  The Forsaken  County sheriff Quinn Colson deals with the decades-old lynching of a homeless black man who came to town and was promptly accused of rape and murder.

Bain, Donald  Margaret Truman’s Undiplomatic Murder  Private investigator Robert Brixton’s daughter is killed by a young Arabic woman who has blown herself up. Seeking revenge for his daughter, Brixton follows the tracks of the bomber to a powerful senator’s son.

Bohjalian, Chris  Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands  Emily Shepard is hiding out in a shelter made of ice and trash bags after a nightmarish meltdown at a nuclear plant in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom that left her parents dead. Since the meltdown might have been her father’s fault, she’s not reaching out for help, but she does take a homeless boy named Cameron under her wing.

Burke, James Lee  Wayfaring Stranger  As a 16-year-old, Weldon Avery Holland managed to get a shot off at Bonnie and Clyde. Now he’s thinking back on the encounter as he considers how to protect his wife, a young woman he discovered when he entered a deserted extermination camp as a World War II soldier; it seems that a local anti-Semite is targeting the couple.

Castillo, Linda  The Dead Will Tell  Everyone in Painters Mill knows the abandoned Hochstetler farm is haunted. But only a handful of the residents remember the terrible secrets lost in the muted/hushed whispers of time – and now death is stalking them, seemingly from the grave.

Coulter, Catherine  Power Play  Natalie Black, the U.S. ambassador to the Court of St. James, is being blamed for the death of her fiancé, George McCallum, Viscount Lockenby. And it looks as if someone is trying to kill her, too.

Dailey, Janet  Texas True  He’s the one who got away, the cowboy who claimed her heart before taking off on a tour of duty, planning never to return. But Beau Tyler is back, and Natalie Haskell feels defenseless against the powerful pull of the brawny soldier. Especially when she finds herself suddenly widowed.

Deveraux, Jude  For All Time  When Toby meets Graydon Montgomery, heir to the Lanconian throne, she can distinguish him from his twin, Rory – something no one else can do. According to legend, that means she is his true love. Alas, Graydon is unhappily set to marry an eligible royal. Will love and legend or duty win out?

Garlock, Dorothy  Take Me Home  Miller’s Creak, Wisconsin, 1945. As a war rages on, a new era of hope takes root… and one young woman faces a difficult choice for the chance at a love of a lifetime.

Garwood, Julie  Fast Track  Cordelia has convinced hotel magnate Aiden Madison, her best friend’s older brother, to take her to Sydney, Australia – not because she’s always had a crush on him but so that she can meet the mother she never knew she had. Unfortunately, Aiden has angered a corrupt politician, which puts them both in danger.

Harkness, Deborah  The Book of Life  Historian and witch Diana Bishop and vampire scientist Matthew Clairmont have returned to the present and continue hunting for Ashmole 782, a long-missing magical manuscript that lots of dark creatures covet.

Jance, J.A.  Remains of Innocence  A woman cleaning her dying mother’s house discovers a veritable hoard of hundred dollar bills, which she traces back to Cochise County, AZ, where Sheriff Joanna Brady is puzzling over the death of a family friend. What’s the connection?

Johansen, Iris & Roy  Sight Unseen  Kendra Michaels, whose skills for observation are often exploited by the CIA and the FBI, arrives to check out a lethal pileup on San Diego’s Cabrillo bridge and immediately suspects more than an accident.

Kenyon, Sherrilyn  Born of Fury  Sumi Antaxas, a top-notch assassin for the League, gets a new target: indomitable Andarion warrior Hauk, one of the five founding members of the Sentella, an organization dedicated to obliterating the League.

Koontz, Dean  The City  Unfolding in a fictional city, the story of talented musician Jonah Kirk starts in 1967 when he is ten and moves through several decades, taking in events both intriguing and scary. 9780345545930

Mapson, Jo-Ann  Owen’s Daughter  After Skye Elliot gets out of rehab, she searches for daughter Gracie, now in the custody of her ex-husband, even as recovering alcoholic Owen Garret searches for a painter named Margaret he once loved.

Moriarty, Liane  Big Little Lies  What’s worse than a terrible riot at Pirriwee Public’s annual school Trivia Night that leaves one parent dead? The sneaking suspicion that the death was actually murder. 

Muller, Marcia  The Night Searchers  Sharon McCone raises an eyebrow when Jay and Camilla Givens come to her about human sacrifices performed by devil worshippers in San Francisco. But what’s this? Jay belongs to a treasure-hunting group called the Night Searchers, and that really catches Sharon’s attentions.

Palmer, Diane  Invincible  Sweet and traditional secretary Carlie Blair lands in deep trouble when she sees something and becomes the key piece of evidence that could implicate a popular politician in a murder case. Her only protection is Carson, a mercenary Lakota Sioux whom she despises.

Patterson, Richard North  Eden in Winter  An avid prosecutor believes that someone pushed author Benjamin Blaine from a cliff on Martha’s Vineyard, and wants to charge Ben’s gay son, Teddy, or Ben’s brother, Jack, with committing the crime. Adam, Teddy’s CIA agent brother, deploys his professional skills in Teddy’s defense, and brokers an uneasy truce between his family and Carla, a former actress who was Ben’s girlfriend.

Rosenfelt, David  Hounded  Andy Carpenter and his partner, Laurie Collins, agree to foster eight-year-old Ricky Diaz, a murder victim’s son, and his dog, Sebastian. Then Andy’s friend and respected police captain Pete Stanton is arrested for killing Ricky’s father.

Rucka, Greg  Bravo  Jad Bell’s got a big job: get the Uzbek, who organized the terrorist attack that nearly killed his ex-wife and daughter. 

Siddons, Anne Rivers  The Girls of August  The Girls of August are four women who have vacationed together at the beach (in a different house each summer) from the time their husbands were in medical school. They spin apart when one dies tragically, but a new marriage brings them together again for a heartfelt reunion on one of South Carolina’s barrier islands.

Silva, Daniel  The Heist  Gabriel Allon, art restorer and occasional spy, searches for a stolen masterpiece by Caravaggio.

Steel, Danielle  A Perfect Life  Successful New York City news reporter Blaise McCarthy’s world is turned upside down when her blind, teenage daughter, Salima, returns to live with her. After a tragedy at her year-round boarding school, Salima – along with her caretaker Simon Ward – return to her mother’s New York City apartment. Simon questions how mother and daughter view themselves and each other and he opens new doors for both of them. 9780345530943

Taylor, Brad  Days of Rage  Big task: Pike Logan goes up against an extreme Islamic sect in Nigeria called Boco Haram, which has been given weapons of mass destruction by a bunch of Russians stuck in the Cold War.

Thor, Brad  Act of War  After a CIA agent mysteriously dies overseas, his top asset surfaces with a startling and terrifying claim. There’s just one problem – no one knows if she can be trusted.

Winspear, Jacqueline  The Care and Management of Lies  The war is defining the looming present as Kezia Marchant marries friend Thea Brissenden’s brother Tom just one month before the fighting breaks out. Thea’s involvement in the women’s suffrage movement has frayed the bonds between her and Kezia, but the times bring changes for everyone, as Tom marches to battle, Thea is also drawn into the war, and Kezia must manage the family farm alone.

Woods, Stuart  Cut and Thrust  At a big political convention in Los Angeles, a close friend of Stone Barrington is emerging as a promising alternate choice. And something a little more dangerous is emerging as well.


Armstrong, Kelley  Visions  In the first Cainsville novel, Olivia Taylor-Jones was on her way to redeeming her birth parents, accused of being serial killers. But she stumbles on some trouble in this second installment when a dead woman shows up in her car, dressed just like her.

Bowen, Rhys  Queen of Hearts  Georgie’s mother, the much-married actress, decides to get a quick divorce in Reno, dragging Georgie along. On their transatlantic voyage, the royal pair meet a Hollywood movie mogul – who soon turns up dead.

Brown, Sandra  Mean Streak  With her husband slow to report her disappearance in the North Carolina wilderness (they’d been quarreling), pediatrician and marathon runner Emory Charbonneau wakes up the captive of a man who won’t reveal his name. But he could be her rescuer; there’s something suspicious about that husband.

Cain, Chelsea  One Kick Kick Lannigan was kidnapped at six, rescued at 11, and trained by her abductor in bomb making and other interesting skills. Now she’s helping on a missing child case.

Coelho, Paulo  Adultery  A woman in her thirties resists the ongoing predictability of what seems to be a picture-perfect life and engages passionately with a man who was a friend in her youth.

Daheim, Mary  Clam Wake  Innkeeper Judith McMonigle Flynn is housesitting at her aunt and uncle’s retirement home on Whoopee Island with her cousin Renie. A dead body pops up that was killed with a very sharp knife. With clouds of suspicion hovering over her and Renie, Judith reluctantly begins sleuthing – if only to prove they didn’t commit the crime.

Goodkind, Terry  Severed Souls  A sweeping new novel of Richard Rahl, Kahlan Amnell, and their world.

Griffin, W.E.B. & William E. Butterworth IV  Top Secret  In the first weeks after World War II James D. Cronley Jr. is recruited for a new enterprise that will eventually be transformed into the CIA. His first assignment is to extract a vital piece of information from a Soviet agent. 

Grossman, Lev  The Magician’s Land  Quentin Coldwater is back at Brakebills Preparatory College of Magic, having been expelled from Fillory, and with Brakebills undergraduate Plum goes on a mission that unearths old friends, new secrets, and a spell that could create a newer, better Fillory.

Harbison, Beth  Driving with the Top Down  When Dara and Colleen head on a two-week antiquing trip, they don’t imagine that they will be offering a ride to nondescript Jonnie, whom they meet at a North Carolina diner. Or that Jonnie is on the run after poisoning her quick-fisted husband.

Herbert, Brian & Kevin J. Anderson  Hellhole Inferno  Queen Michella is captured by the rogue Xayans and learns that the orthodox Xayans had developed their minds to the point where they could evolve and, in so doing, trigger another Big Bang, wiping out everything. The rogue Xayans thought they succeeded in stopping the ascension, but the orthodox Xayans on Hellhole are nearly ready.

Hoag, Tami  Cold Cold Heart TV news reporter Dana Nolan escaped from a serial killer but still suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and the consequences of a brain injury sustained during her abduction. Is that why everyone looks suspect when she reopens the investigation of her best friend’s disappearance after high school graduation?

Hurwitz, Gregg  Don’t Look Back  On a supposedly idyllic rafting and hiking tour in Oaxaca, Mexico, Eve Hardaway spots a dangerous-looking man flinging machetes at something indistinct, then discovers the camera and pill bottle of a woman who has disappeared. Looks as if she’s in for an unpleasant tête-á-tête.

Jackson, Lisa  Close to Home  Sarah McAdams and her two daughters return to the old Victorian mansion where she grew up. The house has always been rumored to be haunted and after teenage girls start disappearing from the small town, Sarah knows she must uncover the horrifying secrets buried within the ramshackle house.

Jackson, Lisa & Nancy Bush  Wicked Ways Elizabeth Gaines Ellis is an ordinary suburban housewife and mother, but for months now, Elizabeth has worried that she’s far from normal… that she’s somehow the cause of a series of brutal and horrible deaths.

Krueger, William Kent  Windigo Island  Residents of the Bad Bluff reservation blame a mythical beast called the Windigo when the body of a teenage Ojibwe girl washes up on as island in Lake Superior. But private eye Cork O’Connor thinks that rampant sex trafficking is the explanation.

Lackey, Mercedes & James Mallory  The House of the Four Winds  One of 12 princesses who must make their way independently because their brother will inherit everything, Clarice joins a voyage to the New World disguised as Clarence and sides with charming navigator Dominick when he overthrows the bullying captain. Then she draws swords as a sorceress steps in to claim Dominick.

Macomber, Debbie  Love Letters  Letters give guests hope at Cedar Cove’s Rose Harbor Inn. Maggie Porter finds her marriage revitalized by an old love letter from her husband, for instance, and Jo Marie Rose is able to face the future after rereading a letter from her husband, killed in Afghanistan. 

Mankell, Henning  An Event in Autumn  Soon after Inspector Kurt Wallander moves into a new house with a charming garden, he makes an upsetting discovery: there is a hand – indeed, an entire corpse – buried in a shallow grave in the garden.

Maron, Margaret  Designated Daughters  In her 19th mystery, Judge Deborah Knott investigates when her dying Aunt Rachel is smothered to death in hospice and eventually encounters the Designated Daughters, caregivers who are on a rampage when one of their members is cheated by a con artist.

Martin, Nancy  A Little Night Murder  Given the chorus line of enemies that aging Broadway diva Boom Boom Tuttle has racked up over the years, her death has been a hotly anticipated event. But it’s her daughter Jenny who drops dead instead.

McCullough, Colleen  Bittersweet  Two sets of twins named Edda, Tufts, Grace, and Kitty, the Latimer sisters have big dreams, but in 1920s New South Wales their best option is to enroll in a training program for nurses. Men come their way with decidedly mixed results.

Patterson, James & Michael White  Private Down Under  The exclusive detective agency’s just-opened Sydney office investigates the murder of someone close to the Deputy Commissioner of New South Wales Police. 

Penny, Louise  The Long Way Home  Three Pines resident Peter Morrow has pledged to show up for a dinner with his wife, Clara, exactly one year after their separation. When Peter fails to materialize on the appointed day, Clara fears that he has either found a new woman – or died. Clara turns to inspector Gamache for help in locating Peter.

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth  Heroes Are My Weakness  A down-on-her-luck actress finds herself trapped on a snow-swept island off the coast of Maine with a reclusive author famous for his bone-chilling horror novels. What’s more, she’s been afraid of him since childhood. But maybe he’s changed?

Preston, Douglas & Lincoln Child  The Lost Island Gideon Crew – brilliant scientist, master thief – is given the mission of stealing a page from the priceless Book of Kells. After stealing the parchment, Gideon learns that it is actually a treasure map dating back to the time of the ancient Greeks that leads to no ordinary fortune.

Quinn, Spencer  Paw and Order  When Bernie visits his reporter girlfriend in Washington, DC, he manages to get himself arrested, even as Chet cozies up to a Washington bigwig (as only a dog can do) and lands himself and Bernie in the midst of international conspiracy.

Rollins, James  The Sixth Extinction  From millennia-old secrets out of the frozen past to mysteries buried deep in the darkest jungles of today, Sigma will face its greatest challenge to date: stopping the coming extinction of mankind.

Ross, Ann B.  Etta Mae’s Worst Bad-Luck Day  Fan favorite Etta Mae Wiggins takes center stage. Etta Mae is determined to marry the elderly, but wealthy Howard Connard, Senior. Unfortunately things don’t go as planned when Connard’s money-hungry son, stuck-up daughter-in-law, and Etta Mae’s first ex-husband show up.

Scalzi, John  Lock In  When a virus blasts the nation, leaving most sufferers only feverish, a handful with acute meningitis, and an unfortunate one percent so completely locked in they can’t speak or even move, scientists come to the rescue with two initiatives. One is a virtual-reality environment, “The Agora,” that allows the locked-in individuals to interact with others. The other involves the discovery that a few folks have brains receptive to being controlled by others, allowing the locked-in to hop aboard and use the bodies of these people as their own.

Tanenbaum, Robert  Fatal Conceit  Butch Karp investigates after a CIA chief dies under suspicious circumstances before he is about to testify about a controversial government cover-up involving a terrorist attack on the US mission in Chechnya.

Todd, Charles  An Unwilling Accomplice  Home on leave, World War I Battlefield nurse Bess Crawford is asked to escort a wheelchair-bound soldier to Buckingham Palace. But first he vanishes, and then he’s accused of murder.

Vreeland, Susan  Lisette’s List  At the time of the Vichy regime, a young Parisian ends up in Provence, caring for her husband’s grandfather. Through the works of Cézanne, Pissarro, Chagall, and Picasso, she uncovers the glories of Provence despite wartime hardships.

Weber, Carl  Choir Director 2: Runaway Bride  It’s been three years since Aaron Mackie helped his friend dig his ministry out of financial ruin and re-energized the choir. Now that he’s on the verge of signing a huge recording contract, Aaron decides to propose to Tia Gregory. The wedding quickly becomes a disaster when Aaron is left at the altar without an explanation.

White, Randy Wayne  Haunted  The house is historic, some say haunted. It is also slated to be razed and replaced by condos, unless Hannah Smith can do something about it. She’s been hired by a wealthy Palm Beach widow to prove that the house’s seller didn’t disclose everything he knew, including its role in a bloody Civil War skirmish, and the suicides – or were they murders? – of two previous owners.


Albert, Susan Wittig  The Darling Dahlias and the Silver Dollar Bush  It’s the spring of 1933 and times are tough in the small-town of Darling, Alabama. The Darling Savings and Trust bank has just closed and the women of the Darling Dahlias’ garden club are betting their bottom dollar that there is going to be trouble.

Beaton, M.C.  The Blood of an Englishman  After the baker was murdered while performing in a theater production, Agatha Raisin puts her team of private detectives on the case. They soon discover more feuds and temperamental behavior in the theater – and face more danger as the team gets too close to the killer.

Castle, Richard  Raging Heat  After an illegal immigrant falls from the sky NYPD Homicide Detective Nikki Heat and her boyfriend journalist Jameson Rook begin to investigate. Set against the raging force of Hurricane Sandy, Heat battles an ambitious powerbroker, fights a platoon of urban mercenaries, and clashes with the man she loves.

Child, Lee  Personal  Jack Reacher returns in a riveting new thriller.

Coleman, Reed Farrel Robert B. Parker’s Blind Spot  Police Chief Jesse Stone is going to a reunion of the Triple-A team he left behind when an injury ended his baseball career. But the reunion goes bad when a young woman is found murdered, her boyfriend is presumed kidnapped, and Jesse sees a former teammate as the main suspect.

Coulter, Catherine & J.T. Ellison  The Lost Key  Rookie FBI Agent Nicholas Drummond and partner Mike Caine investigate the Wall Street stabbing death of John Pearce, who appears to have been much more than the naval historian and antiquities dealer he had claimed to be. His adult children are missing, too, and his final words, “The key is in the lock,” aren’t yielding any obvious clues.

Cussler, Clive & Russell Blake  The Eye of Heaven  On a climate-control expedition to the Arctic, husband-and-wife treasure hunters Sam and Remi Fargo uncover a Viking ship neatly preserved in ice – and carrying pre-Columbian artifacts from Mexico. Puzzling out this conundrum leads to their being chased through the jungles of Central America by crime cartels, other treasure hunters, and worse.

Dodd, Christina  Virtue Falls  When Misty Banner was murdered more than two decades ago, daughter Elizabeth was only four, and she grew up believing that her father was responsible. Back home in Virtue Falls, she does some investigating and concludes that her father was innocent and that her mother might have been one of several victims of a killer still at large.

Feehan, Christine  Dark Blood  The fates of a warrior reborn and a seductive Dragonseeker are irrevocably entwined in the new Carpathian novel.

Follett, Ken  Edge of Eternity  Wrapping up his grandly conceived “Century” trilogy, Follett ranges from Civil Rights marches to presidential impeachment to the fall of communism to show us what has happened to the trilogy’s five entwined families – American, German, Russian, English, and Welsh – by century’s end.

French, Tana  The Secret Place  A year ago, the body of swoon-worthy Chris Harper was dumped on the grounds of St. Kilda’s, a girls’ school in a sedate Dublin suburb. Now St. Kilda’s student Holly Mackey has given Det. Stephen Moran a photo of Chris that she found pinned to a school bulletin board; inscribed on the back are the words “I know who killed him.”

Gray, Shelley Shepard  Joyful: Return to Sugarcreek  Poor Randall Beiler. He once broke the heart of lovely young Elizabeth Nolt, but now she has been hired by his brother to tend house for Randall and their younger siblings. Will love rekindle?

Gregory, Philippa  The King’s Curse  The riveting story of Margaret Pole, daughter of George, Duke of Clarence, and was one of the few surviving members of the Plantagenet dynasty after the War of the Roses. Plantagenet, once carried proudly by Margaret like a crown upon her head, is now, at the end of the 15th century, the most dangerous name in England.  

Harrison, Kim  The Witch with No Name  It’s never been easy for Rachel Morgan, who’s finally accepted her role as day-walking demon as she battles banshees, vampires, and soul-eating demons, but now she must go one step farther to save both the human world and the demonic ever after from destruction.

Hooper, Kay  Haunted  When Deacon James’s younger sister Melanie calls him, terrified, he goes to her aid in the small Georgia town of Sociable. What he finds is a scared young woman in the grip of what she insists is a paranormal nightmare – and murder. Two local men have been killed under mysterious circumstances. And Melanie is the prime suspect.

Johansen, Iris  The Perfect Witness  A woman with a photographic memory has lived her entire life in the Witness Protection Program. What she once saw put her entire family in jeopardy and now, years later, her cover is blown and she’s on the run.

Karon, Jan  Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good  After his retirement and much-anticipated vacation in Ireland, Episcopal priest Father Tim Kavanagh returns to Mitford with his wife. His adopted son, Dooley; Dooley’s troubled brother, Sammy; bookstore owner Hope Murphy – these and other characters struggle with their trials in a way that put Mitford on the map.

Kellerman, Faye  Murder 101  Having abandoned work at the LAPD for the slow lane at upstate New York’s Greenbury Police department, Peter Decker is finding things a little too quiet – until the Tiffany panels at the local cemetery’s mausoleum are replaced by forgeries. Then a coed at a high-end local college ends up dead.

Kellerman, Jonathan & Jesse  The Golem of Hollywood Det. Jacob Lev awakens in bed with a mysterious woman he doesn’t recall picking up, but then she vanishes. Meanwhile, having been assigned to the equally mysterious Special Projects Department, he is sent to investigate a murder in the Hollywood hills that has left behind only a neatly severed head and the Hebrew word for justice scorched into the kitchen counter.

Kenyon, Sherrilyn  Son of No One  Centuries ago, Cadegan made the mistake of selling his soul to wreak vengeance on a sorceress who cursed him; now he’s struggling to protect Josette Landry, camerawoman for a paranormal group that has inadvertently unleashed evil on the world.

Kingsbury, Karen  Angels Walking  A dramatic story about a washed up baseball player, the love her left behind, and the miracles that might save them both.

Landvik, Lorna  Best to Laugh  Candy Pekkala, a Midwestern teenager, travels to L.A. to try to break into show business as a standup comedian.

Lewis, Beverly  The River  Tilly and Ruth, two formerly Amish sisters, are plagued by unresolved relationships when they reluctantly return to Lancaster County for their parents’ landmark wedding anniversary.

McEwan, Ian  The Children Act  Fiona Maye serves as a High Court judge in London presiding over cases in family court. When she refuses husband Jack’s request for an open marriage, he leaves. Even as she ponders whether she was resisting the loss of love or of respectability she dedicates herself to the difficult case of a 17-year-old whose parents won’t allow him a lifesaving blood transfusion because of religious beliefs.

Meier, Leslie  French Pastry Murder  Lucy Stone is saying “Bonjour!” to Paris to take in the sights, learn how to bake authentic French pastries, and experience some joie de vivre. But her dreams of la vie en rose are put on hold when the City of Lights turns deadly…

Mosley, Walter  Rose Gold  Easy Rawlins is tapped by the FBI when black ex-boxer Uhuru Nolica, who heads up a revolutionary cell called Scorched Earth, kidnaps Rosemary Gold, daughter of a weapons manufacturer, and threatens to give her an awful, public death if his demands aren’t met.

Oliver, Lauren  Rooms  After Richard Walker dies, his embittered ex-wife and two sullen children arrive at his overstuffed mansion to claim their inheritance. The house also comes with two ghosts, proper Alice and sharp-tongued, cynical Sandra, who exchange observations that no one can hear – until a new ghost appears and starts communing with Walker’s son, Trenton.

Patterson, James & Michael Ledwidge  Burn  Finally back in New York, Det. Michael Bennett has taken over the unruly Outreach Squad in Harlem. At first, he dismisses reports of a party attended by sleekly dressed men in a condemned building, but everything changes when charred remains are found there.

Perry, Anne  Blood on the Water  In the late 1800s the pleasure boat Princess Mary has exploded and sunk along the Thames waterfront at a cost of nearly 200 lives, and as commander of the River Police, Monk is quick to find evidence that the Egyptian man sentenced to death for this outrage could not have been the culprit. Did the bombing have something to do with the opening of the Suez Canal?

Reichs, Kathy  Bones Never Lie  Forensic anthropologist Temperance “Tempe” Brennan moves in a new, undisclosed direction, though we do get to meet her much-referenced mother.

Robb, J.D.  Festive in Death  Personal trainer Trey Ziegler was in peak physical condition. If you didn’t count the kitchen knife in his well-toned chest. Lieutenant Eve Dallas discovers a lineup of women who’d been loved and left by the narcissistic gym rat. Dallas must put aside her distaste for the victim and solve the mystery of his death.



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