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Summer 2021 Book List | A list of upcoming fiction titles recommended by your EPLS librarians. Click the book cover to visit the catalog to place a hold. Download the printable list here.

Fall 2021 Book List | A list of fiction titles to be published from October through December recommended by your EPLS librarians. Download the printable list here.

July 2021

Book: A Man Named Doll An Ambush of Widows
Abbott, Jeff
Two seemingly unconnected businessmen are found murdered in an abandoned warehouse, leaving their two widows desperately seeking answers; both with secrets of their own.
Book: Stranded for One Scandalous Week The Turnout
Abbott, Megan
A suspicious accident occurs at the start of the dance season, and sisters Maria and Daria along with Dara's husband Charlie begin a season of competition with a stranger that threatens their relationship.
Book: Turn a Blind Eye Radar Girls
Ackerman, Sara
An extraordinary story inspired by the real Women's Air Raid Defense, where an unlikely recruit and her sisters-in-arms forge their place in WWII history.
Book: The Heathens The Heathens  – (Book 11 in the Quinn Colson series)
Atkins, Ace
Sheriff Colson and former deputy Lillie Virgil are on opposite sides of a case for the first time after a man is found dead and three delinquent teens go on the run.
Book: It Happened One Summer It Happened One Summer
Bailey, Tessa
A Hollywood "It Girl" is cut off from her wealthy family and exiled to a small Pacific Northwest beach town where she butts heads with a surly, sexy local who thinks she doesn't belong.
Book: A Deadly Deletion A Deadly Deletion  – (Book 15 in the Booktown Mystery series)
Barrett, Lorna
A murder leads to a string of shocking revelations for bookstore owner Tricia Miles.
Book: The 22 Murders of Madison Bay The 22 Murders of Madison May
Barry, Max
A serial killer pursues his victims across time and space, and one woman is determined to stop him, even if it upends her own reality.
Book: We Were Never Here We Were Never Here
Bartz, Andrea
A backpacking trip has deadly consequences.
Book: Kill All Your Darlings Kill All Your Darlings
Bell, David
When a student disappears and is presumed dead, her professor passes off her manuscript as his own – only to find out it implicates him in an unsolved murder.
Book: Shadows of Eternity Shadows of Eternity
Benford, Gregory
In a SETI library on the moon, Ruth, a beginner librarian, must talk to alien minds who have aggressive agendas of their own.
Book: Fierce Little Thing Fierce Little Thing
Beverly-Whittemore, Miranda
From vastly different lives, five friends return to confront their blackmailer and reckon with the horror that split them apart. How far will they go to bury their secret forever?
Book: Synchronized Sorcery Synchronized Sorcery – (Book 11 in the Witchcraft Mystery series)
Blackwell, Julliet
As Lily Ivory steps into her new role as leader of the Bay Area's magical community, she is faced with a mysterious death of magical proportions.
Book: Second Chance at Sunflower Ranch Second Chance at Sunflower Ranch  – (Book 1 in the Ryan Family series)
Brown, Carolyn
Hometown sweethearts get a second chance at love and family when a lifelong secret changes their lives forever.
Book: Coming Soon The Double Mother
Bussi, Michel and Sam Taylor
A 4-year-old claims his mom isn't his real mom, and only his school psychologist believes him. Police Captain Augresse doesn't feel she should worry about this, but should she?
Book: Godspeed Godspeed
Butler, Nickolaus
Three troubled construction workers get entangled in a dangerous plan to finish building a home against an impossible deadline.
Book: Just One Look Just One Look
Cameron, Lindsay
A young woman's escalating obsession with a seemingly perfect man leads her down a dangerous path where she pictures herself replacing his wife...and she is armed with the tools to do just that.
Book: Breach of Honor Breach of Honor
Cantore, Janice
When Officer Leah Radcliff's husband and fellow officer's abuse leads to deadly consequences, there are some who will do anything to keep their secret safe.
Book: Fallen Fallen – (Book 13 in the Kate Burkholder series)
Castillo, Linda
A rebellious Amish woman leaves the Plain life, but the secrets she takes with her will lead Chief of Police Kate Burkholder down a dark path to danger and death.
Book: A Psalm for the Wild-built A Psalm for the Wild-built – (Book 1 in the Monk & Robot series)
Chambers, Becky
The self-aware Robots have exiled themselves for centuries. In honor of an old promise, one returns to find out "what do people need?"
Book: The Lost Girls The Lost Girls
Chiarella, Jessica
When her true crime podcast becomes an overnight sensation, a young woman is pulled into the web of a case that may offer a surprising connection to her own sister's disappearance years earlier.
Book: The Women's March The Women's March
Chiaverini, Jennifer
An enthralling historical novel of the women's suffrage movement inspired by three courageous women who bravely risked their lives and liberties in the fight to win the right to vote.
Book: The Ice Swan The Ice Swan
Ciesielski, J'Nell
Amid the violent last days of the glittering Russian court, a Russian princess on the run finds her heart where she least expects it.
Book: The Shadow People The Shadow People
Clifford, Joe
A psychological thriller about a young man investigating the murder of his schizophrenic friend, who must then question his own mind as he uncovers a sinister network of doppelgangers.
Book: A Man with a Past A Man with a Past– (Book 2 in the Brothers in Arms series)
Connealy, Mary
When Falcon wakes up not remembering his past, he encounters rustled cattle, traitorous cowhands, a missing woman, outlaws, and a woman worth loving.
Book: Stranger in the Mirror Stranger in the Mirror
Constantine, Liv
A year ago Addison awoke not knowing who she was. Now as she's about to get married, her husband shows up, and something is not right. Why had she left in the first place?
Book: The Grandmother Plot The Grandmother Plot
Cooney, Caroline B.
Death isn't unexpected in a nursing home. But murder is.
Book: Razorblade Tears Razorblade Tears
Cosby, S. A.
A black father and a white father. Both ex-cons. When their married sons are murdered, nothing is going to stop them in their quest to find out who killed them.
Book: Her Last Breath Her Last Breath
Davidson, Hilary
When Diedre receives a message from her sister days after she died claiming if she is killed it wasn't an accident, she ends up digging into hidden secrets that may put her own life at risk.
Book: A Comedy of Terrors A Comedy of Terrors  – (Book 9 in the Flavia Albia Mystery series)
Davis, Lindsey
It's Saturnalia, and Flavia and Tiberius must go it alone as Rome is paused for partying, and Domitian is a target for criminal schemes.
Book: The Retreat The Retreat
De Mariaffi, Elisabeth
A dancer arrives at a remote mountain retreat hoping for inspiration only to find it's disaster that strikes when an avalanche traps her among six strangers who begin to meet unspeakable ends.
Book: The One You're With The One You're With
Denton, Lauren K.
A story of marriage, choices, and what a good life really looks like.
Book: Trial by Fire Trial by Fire – (Book 8 in the WWII series)
Deutermann, P. T.
Based on a true story: A dramatic WWII novel of attack, survival, and triumph on board an aircraft carrier in the Pacific.
Book: For Your Own Good For Your Own Good
Downing, Samantha
Teddy Crutcher – teacher of the year. He knows what is best for his students, and he wants teachers and parents to butt out. But not everyone agrees he has their best interests at heart.
Book: The Serpent The Serpent  – (Book 3 in the Time of Heroes series)
Drake, David
A wonderful tale set in a fabulous world of courtiers, peasants, beasts, and mysterious envoys. An Arthurian legend with a convincing sci-fi spin.
Book: What Strange Paradise What Strange Paradise
El Akkad, Omar
A homeless girl decides to help a young refugee boy even though they are complete strangers, and they don't speak a common language. She determines to do whatever it takes to save him.
Book: Capture the Crown Capture the Crown – (Book 4 in the Crown of Shards series)
Estep, Jennifer
Assumed to be a pampered princess, no one knows Gemma protects her kingdom from magic, murder, and mayhem by moonlighting as a spy.
Book: Dear Miss Metropolitan Dear Miss Metropolitan
Ferrell, Carolyn
Three girls are abducted and hidden in Queens, but only two are rescued. But how did neighborhood columnist Miss Metropolitan, who lives across the street, miss the horrible story?
Book: The Cover Wife The Cover Wife
Fesperman, Dan
An electrifying new novel about a CIA agent and a young Moroccan expat who find themselves caught up in the world of radical extremism.
Book: The Nature of Small Birds The Nature of Small Birds
Finkbeiner, Susie
In 1975, 3,000 children were airlifted out of Saigon to be adopted into Western homes. This is the story of one young girl who goes back to find her birth mother.
Book: Arrowood and the Meeting House Murders Arrowood and the Meeting House Murders – (Book 4 in the Arrowood Mystery series)
Finlay, Mick
African travelers are being targeted as they seek sanctuary from a ruthless showman and only Arrowood can help them.
Book: The Bourne Treachery The Bourne Treachery – (Book 16 in the Jason Bourne series)
Freeman, Brian
The world's most ruthlessly efficient assassin has carved a bloody swathe through all his opponents but now he's facing the one force he can't defeat - his own past.
Book: All the Lonely People All the Lonely People
Gayle, Mike
Hubert Bird has been lying to his daughter about his life, and when she unexpectedly announces she is coming for a visit he has to quickly make his real life resemble his fake one.
Book: Three Words for Goodbye Three Words for Goodbye
Gaynor, Hazel and Heather Webb
Three cities, two sisters, one chance to correct the past.
Book: Yoga Pant Nation Yoga Pant Nation  – (Book 3 in the Class Mom series)
Gelman, Laurie
Jen Dixon is class mom for her son's fifth grade year. A class bully, spin teacher training, and her daughter keep her on her toes and perpetually in yoga pants.
Book: Choose Me Choose Me
Gerritsen, Tess
Detective Frankie Loomis needs to discover who killed student Taryn Moore, and if Professor Jack Dorian knows the truth or is he guilty of deception? Could he be capable of cold-blooded murder?
Book: The Stranger Behind You The Stranger Behind You
Goodman, Carol
A captivating exploration of sexual harassment, friendship, ambition, and how women join together to overcome trauma.
Book: The Forbidden The Forbidden – (Book 35 in the Krewe of Hunter series)
Graham, Heather
Playing the victim of a vampire king did not mean Avalon Morgan wanted to be one. can Investigator Gray Avery keep her safe as they look for the killer?
Book: While We Were Dating While We Were Dating
Guillory, Jasmine
Two people struggle to keep things purely professional while working together in this charming and hilarious new romance.
Book: Island of Thieves Island of Thieves – (Book 6 in the Van Shaw Mystery series)
Hamilton, Glen Erik
When a new security gig turns into a setup, expert thief Van Shaw finds himself the prey in a cross-country pursuit.
Book: The Forest of Vanishing Stars The Forest of Vanishing Stars
Harmel, Kristin
World War II story about a young woman who uses her knowledge of the wilderness to help Jewish refugees escape the Nazis until a secret from her past threatens everything. 
Book: The Seven Day Switch The Seven Day Switch
Harms, Kelly
Two moms as opposite as a Happy Meal and a quinoa bowl. What a difference a week makes.
Book: The Chase The Chase – (Book 2 in the US Marshals series)
Harris, Lisa
When a group of adrenaline junkies botch a bank robbery, it is up to Madison and Jonas to hunt them down before someone close to them gets hurt...or worse.
Book: Ghost Blows a Kiss Ghost Blows a Kiss – (Book 10 in the Bailey Ruth Ghost series)
Hart, Carolyn
Ruth Bailey takes on a puzzler of a mystery when she is sent to Adelaide, Oklahoma, to rescue a woman in trouble.
Book: A Cup of Silver Linings A Cup of Silver Linings – (Book 2 in the Dove Pond series)
Hawkins, Karen
We return to Dove Pond with another "mesmerizing fusion of the mystical and the everyday."
Book: The Final Girl Support Group The Final Girl Support Group
Hendrix, Grady
Six girls who belong to a survivors support group have been meeting for nearly two decades. The girls managed to survive the unthinkable but now someone is coming for them.
Book: The Love Songs of W.E.B. du Bois The Love Songs of W.E.B. du Bois
Jeffers, Honoree Fanonne
The journey of one American family, from the centuries of the colonial slave trade through the Civil War to our own tumultuous era.
Book: A Song Everlasting A Song Everlasting
Jin, Ha
An urgent, timely novel that follows a famous Chinese singer severed from his country.
Book: Hell for Breakfast Hell for Breakfast – (Book 4 in the Slash and Pecos series)
Johnstone, William
Slash and Pecos are riding hard for the law, dispensing justice, and determined to watch their final sunset as heroes - not outlaws.
Book: A Good Day for Chardonnay A Good Day for Chardonnay
Jones, Darynda
Sheriff Sunshine Vicram has a lot on her plate - there's her pesky crush on Levi, an irascible raccoon, and a teenage daughter hunting a serial killer. Her life is about to reach a new level of crazy.
Book: The Moonshine Shack Murder The Moonshine Shack Murder – (Book 1 in the Southern Homebrew Mystery series)
Kelly, Diane
The future for modern day moonshiner Hattie Hayes looks bright until death darkens the doorstep of her Moonshine Shack.
Book: The Minister Primarily The Minister Primarily
Killens, John Oliver
The eagerly anticipated publication of a long lost novel from legendary writer and three-time Pulitzer Prize nominee John Oliver Killens.
Book: Intimacies Intimacies
Kitamura, Katie
An interpreter has come to The Hague to escape New York and work at the International Court. A woman of many languages and identities, she is looking for a place to finally call home.
Book: Devil in Disguise Devil in Disguise – (Book 7 in the Ravenels series)
Kleypas, Lisa
An enthralling and steaming romance between a widowed lady and a Scot on the run.
Book: Silver Tears Silver Tears
Lackberg, Camilla
Faye Adelheim had thought she was safe in Italy with her daughter from her violent ex-husband Jack, but she discovers Jack is no longer behind bars, and she is forced to return to Sweden. 
Book: Not a Happy Family Not a Happy Family
Lapena, Shari
In the quiet, wealthy enclave, an older couple is brutally murdered hours after a tense Easter dinner with their three adult children. Who, of course, are devastated...or are they?
Book: M. King's Bodyguard M. King's Bodyguard
Leonard, Niall
Based on a true story revolving around one detective's mission to stop the assassination of Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany at Queen Victoria's funeral.
Book: Tooth of the Covenant Tooth of the Covenant
Lock, Norman
Nathaniel Hawthorne pens a new tale to exact revenge on his ancestor, a notorious judge of the Salem witch trials.
Book: No More Words No More Words – (Book 1 in the No More series)
Lonsdale, Kerry
Forced to choose between abortion or adoption, Lily runs away. Thirteen years later, her son returns with a note; it begins, "In the event I go missing... ."
Book: A Fatal Footnote A Fatal Footnote – (Book 2 in the Open Book Mysteries series)
Loudon, Margaret
Penelope Parish will need to use every trick in her bookshop to unravel a murderous plot that threatens to run a ducal wedding.
Book: The Hollywood Spy The Hollywood Spy – (Book 10 in the Maggie Hope series)
MacNeal, Susan Elia
Maggie Hope is off to California to solve a crime that hits too close to home and confront the very evil she thought she had left behind in Europe.
Book: It's Better This Way It's Better This Way
Macomber, Debbie
After divorce shatters her family, one woman's struggle to pick up the pieces finally leads to a new beginning, but is the past truly behind her?
Book: The Man With the Silver Saab The Man With the Silver Saab – (Book 3 in the Detective Varg series)
McCall Smith, Alexander
Perplexing, unfathomable, and unimportant, the cases that the Department of Sensitive Crimes take on will test them to their limits.
Book: A Few Drops of Bitters A Few Drops of Bitters– (Book 26 in the Savannah Reid series)
McKevett, G.A.
When an upscale party ends with murder, drawing clues from famous guests may prove trickier than squeezing into an old pair of jeans.
Book: The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives
Miller, Kristin
Meet the trophy wives of Presidio Terrace, San Francisco's most exclusive, and most deadly, neighborhood.
Book: Such a Quiet Place Such a Quiet Place 
Miranda, Megan
Welcome to Hollow's Edge, a neighborhood where everyone has each other's backs. At least, that's how it used to be, until the night Brandon and Fiona Truett were found dead.
Book: The Therapist The Therapist
Paris, B.A.
Alice and Leo's smart new home in The Circle comes with a nightmarish secret.
Book: Unthinkable Unthinkable
Parks, Brad
Nate Lovejoy is a self-proclaimed nobody, a stay-at-home dad who doesn't believe he's important to anyone but his wife and their two daughters - until he is kidnapped by a powerful secret society.
Book: The Shadow The Shadow
Patterson, James and Brian Sitts
Even time cannot stop the Shadow. Cast 150 years in the future, Khan's power is continuing to be felt, and it is up to Lamont to stop him.
Book: Fatal Family Ties Fatal Family Ties – (Book 3 in the Ancestry Detective series)
Perkins, S.C.
Texas genealogist Lucy Lancaster deals with murders in both the past and present. 
Book: Forever on My Own Forever My Own – (Book 2 in the Ladies of the Lake series)
Peterson, Tracie
Secrets and family pain shroud both Kirstin and Illian's life. Can love survive their pasts?
Book: Tender is the Bite Tender is the Bite – (Book 11 in the Chet and Bernie Mystery series)
Quinn, Spencer
A case with no client and no crime and yet great danger, and powerful politician who has a lot to lose. Their only hop is a ferret name Griffie.
Book: The Bone Code The Bone Code – (Book 20 in the Temperance Brennan series)
Reichs, Kathy
An examination, fifteen years apart, of unidentified bodies washed up from the sea may be connected to a deadly new pestilence.
Book: The Summer Sisters The Summer Sisters – (Book 2 in the Juniper Springs series)
Richardson, Sara
Three sisters search to reunite their family and find love along the way.
Book: The Wonder Test The Wonder Test
Richmond, Michelle
A searing view of a culture that puts the well-being of children at risk for advancement and prestige, this captivating story shows the lengths one mother will go for her son.
Book: Island Queen Island Queen
Riley, Vanessa
A novel based on the true life story of Dorothy Kirwan Thomas, a free woman of color who rose from slavery to become one of the wealthiest and most powerful landowners in the colonial West Indies.
Book: Lights Out in Lincolnwood Lights Out in Lincolnwood
Rodkey, Geoff
They're a normal family with normal problems...until the lights go out. Mobile phones don't work. Lights, laptops, cars, trains - everything - stops. And what happens next will change everything.
Book: Dog Eat Dog Dog Eat Dog – (Book 23 in the Andy Carpenter series)
Rosenfelt, David
Lawyer Andy Carpenter and his golden retriever, Tara, work to free a man who risked it all to help a dog in need.
Book: China Room China Room
Sahota, Sunjeev
A novel of love, oppression, trauma, and the pursuit of freedom, China Room twines together the stories of a woman and a man separated by more than half a century but united by blood.
Book: Safe in My Arms Safe in My Arms
Shepard, Sara
When the principal of an elite preschool is attacked, three moms must work together to uncover what she's hiding, figure out who's framing them, and keep their own secrets hidden.
Book: The Cellist The Cellist – (Book 21 in the Gabriel Allon series)
Silva, Daniel
The fatal poisoning of a Russian billionaire sends Gabriel on a journey across Europe and into the orbit of a musical virtuoso who may hold the key to the truth about his friend's death.
Book: Last Guard Last Guard – (Book 5 in the Psy-Changeling Trinity series)
Singh, Nalini
In a destabilized world with countless lives at stake, two people defined by their aloneness must stand together to stave off ultimate destruction.
Book: False Witness False Witness
Slaughter, Karin
Leigh's life is about to be torn up when a man who knows about her past shows up , and the only one who can help is her estranged sister Callie - the last person Leigh would ever want to ask.
Book: The Weight of Memory The Weight of Memory
Smucker, Shawn
When Paul receives a terminal diagnosis only one thing is clear - he must take care of his granddaughter Pearl. Taking her to where he grew up stirs up memories and bizarre tales.
Book: Wayward Wayward
Spiotta, Dana
A moving, funny, engrossing novel about mothers and daughters, and one woman's midlife reckoning.
Book: Nine Lives Nine Lives
Steel, Danielle
When Maggie re-meets her first love, racing driver Paul Gilmore, she must ask herself whether she's still content to play it safe because sometimes you need to take a risk to get the life you want. 
Book: Woman of Intelligence A Woman of Intelligence
Tanabe, Karin
An exhilarating tale of post-war New York City, and one remarkable woman's journey from the United Nations to the drawing rooms of Manhattan society to the secretive ranks of the FBI.
Book: The Words We Whisper The Words We Whisper
Taylor, Mary Ellen
A sweeping saga that interweaves the past and present in an epic tapestry of love, war, and loss.
Book: An Irishh Hostage An Irish Hostage – (Book 12 in the Bess Crawford Mystery series)
Todd, Charles
In the uneasy peace following WWI, nurse Bess Crawford runs into trouble and treachery in Ireland.
Book: The Book of Accidents The Book of Accidents
Wendig, Chuck
When Nate and Maddie return to their hometown with their son Oliver, an evil from their past returns as well, and it is happening to their son.
Book: If It Rains If It Rains
Wright, Jennifer
A story of resilience and redemption set against one of America's defining moments - the Dust Bowl.

August 2021

Book: The Reading List The Reading List
Adams, Sara Nisha
An unforgettable and heartwarming debut about how a chance encounter with a list of library books helps forge an unlikely friendship between two very different people in a London suburb.
Book: Murder Most Fowl Murder Most Fowl – (Book 49 in the Meg Langslow series)
Andrews, Donna
A Shakespearian twist leads to Meg trying to catch a killer.
Book: Coming Soon Money Devils 2 – (Book 9 in the Cartel series)
Ashley & JaQuavis
The LaCroix sisters return in this exciting new installment.
Book: All's Well All's Well
Awad, Mona
A darkly funny novel about a theater professor suffering chronic pain, who in the process of staging a troubled production of Shakespeare's most maligned play, suddenly and miraculously recovers.
Book: The Women of Troy The Women of Troy
Barker, Pat
Following her bestselling, critically acclaimed The Silence of the Girls, Pat Barker continues her extraordinary retelling of one of our greatest myths.
Book: Rabbit Hole Rabbit Hole
Billingham, Mark
Alice is a long term patient in a psychiatric ward. She believes she was once a cop, or was she? When a fellow patient is murdered she is convinced she can find the killer - but can she?
Book: Coming Soon Lost and Found Faith
Blount, Laurel
A terrible tragedy nearly broke him, can love put him back together?
Book: Neptune Neptune – (Book 2 in the Outer Planets series)
Bova, Ben
Ilonga Magyr knows she will find her father alive on Neptune, but when her team find wreckage of an alien ship her plans are irrevocably altered.
Book: The Last Mrs. Summers The Last Mrs. Summers – (Book 14 in the Royal Spyness series)
Bowen, Rhys
Lady Georgiana is back from her honeymoon when a friend in need pulls her into a twisted tale of betrayal, deception, and murder.
Book: The Desert Prince The Desert Prince
Brett, Peter V.
The first novel in an all-new fantasy saga from the New York Times bestselling author of The Demon Cycle.
Book: Blind Tiger Blind Tiger
Brown, Sandra
A new page-turning historical thriller set in Prohibition-era Texas.
Book: The Walnut Creek Wish The Walnut Creek Wish – (Book 1 in the Creekside Discoveries series)
Brunstetter, Wanda E.
Welcome to Walnut Creek, Ohio, where an antique store becomes a place of healing for broken hearts.
Book: Find Me Find Me
Burke, Alafair
The disappearance of a young woman leaves her closest friend reeling and an NYPD homicide detective digging into her own past.
Book: Another Kind of Eden Another Kind of Eden – (Book 4 in the Holland Family series)
Burke, James Lee
A captivating tale of justice, love, brutality, and mysticism set in the turbulent  1960s.
Book: Feral Creatures Feral Creatures
Buxton, Kira Jane
The animal kingdom's "favorite apocalyptic hero" is back with a renewed sense of hope for humanity, ready to take on a world ravaged by a viral pandemic.
Book: The Chocolate Raccoon Rigmarole The Chocolate Raccoon Rigmarole – (Book 18 in the Chocoholic Mystery series)
Carl, JoAnna
A gang of crooks with a wicked sweet tooth wreaks havoc on Warner Pier, and it's up to Lee to route the hungry rascals.
Book: The Great Mrs. Elias The Great Mrs. Elias
Chase-Riboud, Barbara
Packed with glamour, suspense, and drama, populated with real life luminaries from the period, The Great Mrs. Elias brings a woman and the age she embodied to glorious, tragic life.
Book: The Island The Island – (Book 9 in the Dewey Andreas series)
Coes, Ben
CIA operative Dewey Andreas is America's last line of defense when terrorists take over Manhattan, targeting U.N. and the President himself.
Book: The Secret Staircase The Secret Staircase – (Book 3 in the Victorian Village Mystery series)
Connolly, Sheila
Katherine Hamilton discovers a long-dead body on a hidden staircase, but then a second body is found. 
Book: Viral Viral
Cook, Robin
A family's exposure to a rare yet deadly virus puts them at the center of a terrifying new danger to mankind - and pulls back the curtain on a healthcare system powered by greed and corruption.
Book: Vortex Vortex – (Book 25 in the FBI Thriller series)
Coulter, Catherine
Agents Sherlock and Savich find themselves dealing with powerful pieces of the past that could have dire consequences in the present.
Book: Whiplash Whiplash – (Book 2 in the Champions series)
Dailey, Janet
On the Alamo Canyon Ranch, three sisters run a bull rearing operation. Women who aren't afraid to compete against men, or take on something as wild as love and win.
Book: Damnation Spring Damnation Spring
Davidson, Ash
A deeply human story of a Pacific Northwest logging town wrenched in two by a mystery that threatens to derail its way of life.
Book: Crossed Lines Crossed Lines – (Book 2 in the Love Along the Wires series)
Delamere, Jennifer
When Mitchell's best friend asks him to help him write letters to Emma, he is torn between desire and loyalty because he already loves her.
Book: Yours is the Night Yours is the Night
Dykes, Amanda
When Matthew discovers Mireilles, three things are clear: She is alone in the world; she cannot stay; and he and his two unlikely companions might be the only ones who can get her to safety.
Book: Hostile Intent Hostile Intent – (Book 4 in the Danger Never Sleeps series)
Eason, Lynette
Does Ava hold the key to the murders of three families, and can she help FBI Agent Caden Denning before anyone else is harmed?
Book: The Merchant and the Rogue The Merchant and the Rogue – (Book 2 in the Proper Romance Western series)
Eden, Sarah M.
Brogan and Vera must work together, but that means they'll need to learn to trust each other with dangerous secrets.
Book: The King of Infinite The King of Infinite Space
Faye, Lyndsay
A lush, magical, queer, and feminist take on Hamlet in modern-day New York City.
Book:Mrs. March Mrs. March
Feito, Virginia
A twenty-first century Highsmith, Virginia Feito conjures the unforgettable Mrs. March, an Upper East Side housewife whose life is shattered by her husband's latest novel.
Book: Cul-De-Sac Cul-De-Sac
Fielding, Joy
A shooting lays bare the secrets harbored by five families in a sleepy suburban cul-de-sac.
Book: Stronger Than you Know Stronger Than You Know – (Book 2 in the McKenzies of Ridge Trail series)
Foster, Lori
Kennedy knows Reyes is more than a gym owner, but will she keep him at arms length to protect herself or give in to their instant attraction.
Book: The Bookseller's Secret The Bookseller's Secret
Gable, Michelle
Aristocrat, author, bookseller, and spy - a thrilling novel about the iconic Nancy Mitford during WWII.
Book: Love andn the Silver Lining Love and the Silver Lining – (a book in the State of Grace series)
Gray, Tammy L.
While training a group of dogs, it is Darcy who will encounter a surprise rescue in the form of unexpected love, forgiveness, and the power of letting go.
Book: Murder Always Barks Twice Murder Always Barks Twice – (Book 2 in the Chatty Corgi Mystery series)
Hawkins, Jennifer
A charming tea room owner and her excitable talking corgi will need to work together to bring a killer to heel.
Book: A Slow Firing Burning A Slow Fire Burning
Hawkins, Paula
Look what you started. When a young man is found gruesomely murdered in a London houseboat, it triggers questions about three women in particular.
Book: paper & Blood Paper & Blood – (Book 2 in the Ink & Sigil series)
Hearne, Kevin
Packed to the brim with mystery, magic, and mayhem, it follows Al MacBharrais and eccentric master of magic as he solves uncanny mysteries in Scotland.
Book: The Guide The Guide
Heller, Peter
A young man who, escaping his own grief, is hired by an elite fishing lodge in Colorado where amid the natural beauty of sun-drenched streams and forests he uncovers a plot of shocking menace.
Book: The Heart Principle The Heart Principle – (Book 3 in the Kiss Quotient series)
Hoang, Helen
A witty and sizzling new romance that shows how wrong you can be about someone...and how right they can be for you.
Book: What the Cat Dragged In What the Cat Dragged In – (Book 14 in the Cat in the Stacks Mystery series)
James, Miranda
Librarian Charlie Harris and his cat, Diesel, have inherited Charlie's grandfather's house along with a decades-old crime scene.
Book: Beyond he Tides Beyond the Tides – (Book 1 in the Prince Edward Island Shores series)
Johnson, Liz
Meg's father forces her to work with her high school nemesis to see who he will leave the family business to.
Book: The Barrister and the Letter of Marque The Barrister and the Letter of Marque
Johnson, Todd M.
William Snopes is an advocate who chooses to defend the poorer classes against the rich. That changes the day a struggling heiress, Lady Madeleine Jameson, arrives at his door.
Book: The Guilt Trip The Guilt Trip
Jones, Sandie
Six friends, three couples, one fatal misunderstanding. Secrets spill and friendships unravel and jumping to conclusions becomes the difference between life and death at a weekend wedding.
Book: My Heart is a Chainsaw My Heart is a Chainsaw
Jones, Stephen Graham
While writing a paper on the unifying theory of slasher films Jade finds her town experiencing its own final showdown.
Book: King Bullet King Bullet – (Book 12 in the Sandman Slim series)
Kadrey, Richard
The incredible finale of the page-turning, high-octane Sandman Slim series filled with an explosive ending and intense action.
Book: Billy Summers Billy Summers
King, Stephen
Billy Summers, killer for hire and the best in the business, is ready to put down his gun and walk away, but there is one last hit - and what could possibly go wrong?
Book: Citadel Citadel – (Book 3 in the Palladium Wars series)
Kloos, Marko
An interplanetary battle is renewed in an epic novel of a warring solar system.
Book: Lightning Strike Lightning Strike – (Book 18 in the Cork O'Connor series)
Krueger, William Kent
A powerful prequel, a book about fathers, sons, long-simmering tensions in a small town, and young Cork's coming of age in the summer of 1963.
Book: A Familiar Sight A Familiar Sight
Labuskes, Brianna
Dr. Gretchen White is a specialist and an admitted sociopath suspected of killing her own aunt. When called into a case similar to her own she sees something familiar in the accused girl.
Book: Provenance Provenance
Laureano, Carla
In order to save this town, Gabe must help Kendall unravel the truth of her own provenance and Kendall must learn that in order to embrace the future, sometimes you have to start with the past.
Book: The Riviera House The Riviera House
Lester, Natasha
Lester explores the impossible choices ordinary people faced every day during extraordinary circumstances, weaving fact with fiction and celebrating women who push the boundaries of their time.
Book: Coming Soon An Unexpected Amish Harvest – (Book 2 in the Amish of New Hope series)
Lighte, Carrie
Susannah is struggling to forgive so that she can heal her heart, but can she trust Peter to not leave her...again?
Book:I'm Only Wicked With You I'm Only Wicked With You – (Book 3 in the Palace of Rogues series)
Long, Julie Anne
When an ambitious American and a headstrong British Heiress collide, the sparks could ignite all of England.
Book: Under the Bayou Moon Under the Bayou Moon
Luesse, Valerie Fraser
Can an idealistic new teacher and a lonely Cajun fisherman find love as they fight to save a legendary white alligator in the Louisiana bayou?
Book: Robert B. Parker's Fool's Paradise Robert B. Parker's Fool's Paradise – (Book 19 in the Jesse Stone series)
Lupica, Mike
When an unknown man is found murdered in Paradise, Jesse Stone will have his hands full finding out who he was and what he was seeking.
Book: Coming Soon The Blood of Innocents – (Book 3 in the Guns of Samuel Pritchard series)
Lynch, Sean
The saga of gunfighter Samuel Pritchard continues in this violent story of blood and bullets.
Book: Mrs. Rochester's Ghost Mrs. Rochester's Ghost
Marcott, Lindsay
In a modern and twisty retelling of Jane Eyre, a young woman must question everything she thinks she knows about love, loyalty, and murder.
Book: Murder at Wakehurst Murder at Wakehurst – (Book 9 in the Gilded Newport Mystery series)
Maxwell, Alyssa
In 19th century Newport, Rhode Island journalist Emma Cross discovers an instance of cold-blooded murder on the grounds of a mansion.
Book: Once There Were Wolves Once There Were Wolves
McConaghy, Charlotte
Inti is reintroducing gray wolves into the remote Highlands, but when a farmer is mauled to death can she save the animals she loves, prove their innocence, and find the real killer?
Book: 19 Yellow Moon Road 19 Yellow Moon Road – (Book 33 in the Sisterhood series)
Michaels, Fern
Book: Velvet Was the Night Velvet Was the Night
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia
A riveting noir about a daydreaming secretary, a lonesome thug, and the mystery of a missing woman that brings them together.
Book: Ice and Stone Ice and Stone – (Book 35 in the Sharon McCone series)
Muller, Marica
Private investigator Sharon McCone goes undercover to investigate the murders of two indigenous women in remote Northern California.
Book: If the Shoe Fits If the Shoe Fits – (Book 1 in the Meant to Be series)
Murphy, Julie
The first in a contemporary series inspired by classic fairy tales where Cindy finds out if the shoe doesn't fit, maybe it is time to design your own.
Book: The Noise The Noise
Patterson, James and J.D. Barker
Tennant and her sister Sophie, overcome by a strange vibration rising out of the forest, get placed into a storm cellar through a trapdoor by their father. But the sound only gets worse. 
Book: Yours Cheerfully Yours Cheerfully – (Book 2 in the Emmeline Lake Chronicles series)
Pearce, A.J.
In 1941 London, Emmy Lake is asked to help enlist women in the war effort, but when faced with the reality these women face, she questions her duty.
Book: The Madness of Crowds The Madness of Crowds – (Book 17 in the Chief Inspector Gamache series)
Penny, Louise
When a murder is committed it falls to Armand Gamache, his second-in-command Jean-Guy Beauvoir and their team investigate.
Book: The Woods Are Always Watching The Woods Are Always Watching
Perkins, Stephanie
Two girls go backpacking in the woods. Things go very wrong. And, then, their paths collide with a serial killer.
Book: Coming Soon A Mother's Strength – (Book 4 in the Wander Canyon series)
Pleiter, Allie
Will finding her son a friend lead to forever love for single mom Molly Kane?
Book: Bloodless Bloodless – (Book 20 in the Agent Pendergast series)
Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child
Agent Pendergast faces his most unexpected challenge yet when bloodless bodies begin to appear in Savannah, Georgia.
Book: The Devil You Know The Devil You Know – (Book 2 in the Mercenary Librarians series)
Rocha, Kit
When Maya's team uncovers an operation trading genetically enhanced children, she'll do anything to stop them.
Book: The Dating Playbook The Dating Playbook
Rochon, Farrah
When a personal trainer agrees to fake date her client, all rules are out the window.
Book: Kingdom of Bones Kingdom of Bones – (Book 16 in the Sigma Force series)
Rollins, James
Sigma Force must risk their lives to uncover the secret at the heart of the African continent, a truth that exposes who we are as a species and where we may be headed.
Book: Say Goodbye Say Goodbye – (Book 3 in the Sacramento series)
Rose, Karen
Eden faces a final reckoning when the cult's past victims hunt them down.
Book: Starlight Enclave Starlight Enclave
Salvatore, R.A.
Two roads. On one, Jarlaxle and Zaknefein are on a quest to find pieces that could offer salvation to Menzoberranzan. On the other, Drizzt seeks answers that could offer salvation to all souls.
Book: Coming Soon Chasing Her Dream
Slattery, Jennifer
Rheanna Stone needs Dave Brewster's help, but can she trust him again even though he left her once before?
Book: In the Country of Others In the Country of Others
Slimani, Leila
The story of a woman in an interracial marriage whose fierce desire for autonomy parallels her adopted country's fight for independence.
Book: Complications Complications
Steel, Danielle
An unforgettable story about a famed hotel, where a few complications quickly escalate into a matter of life and death, changing the lives of everyone who passes through its doors. 
Book: Dark Roads Dark Roads
Stevens, Chevy
For decades, people have been warned about the Cold Creek Highway. Hitchhikers have vanished over the years, and women have been known to have their cars break down...and never be seen again.
Book: Shards of Earth Shards of Earth – (Book 1 in the Final Architects trilogy)
Tchaikovsky, Adrian
An extraordinary new space opera about humanity on the brink of extinction, and how one man's discovery will save or destroy us all.
Book: To Write a Wrong To Write a Wrong
Turano, Jen
Miss Daphne Beekman is a mystery writer by day, inquiry agent by night. With her ability to puzzle out plots, she works behind the scenes for the Bleeker Street Inquiry Agency, staying well away from danger.
Book: The Coldest Case The Coldest Case – (Book 14 in the Bruno, Chief of Police Investigation series)
Walker, Martin
Bruno's investigation into a cold case finds him caught between an enigmatic winegrower and a menacing Communist organization from the past.
Book: The Education of Nevada Duncan The Education of Nevada Duncan – (a book in the Family Business series)
Weber, Carl and C. N. Phillips
The heir to a crime family finds himself targeted by an enemy, and he'll need more than is family by blood to save him.
Book: The Garden House The Garden House
Willett, Marcia
A charming and heartwarming novel about family, yearning, and long-buried secrets.
Book:In My Dreams I Hold a Knife In My Dreams I Hold a Knife
Winstead, Ashley
Six friends. One college reunion. One unsolved murder.
Book: Class Act Class Act – (Book 58 in the Stone Barrington series)
Woods, Stuart
Stone Barrington goes up against a dangerous foe.

September 2021

Book: In Every Mirror She's Black In Every Mirror She's Black
Akerstrom, Lola Akinmade
A timely and arresting debut for anyone looking for insight into what it means to be an African American woman in the world.
Book: The Wisdom of Crowds The Wisdom of Crowds – (Book 3 in the Age of Madness series)
Ambercrombie, Joe
The banks have fallen, the Union has been torn down, and the threads of the Weaver's ruthless plan are slowly being drawn together.
Book: The Santa Suit The Santa Suit
Andrews, Mary Kay
A novella celebrating the magic of the Christmas holiday and second chances.
Book: Defending Britta Stein Defending Britta Stein – (Book 6 in the Liam Taggart and Catherine Lockhart series)
Balson, Ronald H.
A story of bravery, betrayal, and redemption from Ronald H. Balson, the winner of the National Jewish Book Award.
Book: Coming Soon The Bone Ship's Wake – (Book 3 in the Tide Child trilogy)
Barker, R.J.
The sea dragons are returning, and Joron Twiner's dreams of freedom lie shattered. His Shipwife is gone, and all he has left is revenge.
Book: Road of Bones Road of Bones – (Book 16 in the Billy Boyle WWII Mystery series)
Benn, James R.
Billy Boyle is sent to the heart of the USSR to solve a double murder at a critical turning point in the war.
Book: Winterlight Winterlight – (Book 7 in the Green Rider series)
Britain, Kristen
The adventures of messenger, magic wielder, and knight Karigan G'ladheon continue as she fights to save king and country from dark magic and a looming war.
Book: Lizzie's Christmas Lizzie's Christmas Play
Byler, Linda
A sweet tale of heartache, disappointment, and hopes fulfilled at Christmastime.
Book: No Words No Words  – (Book 3 in the Little Bridge Island series)
Cabot, Meg
An author with writer's block and a novelist have to set aside their differences to get through a festival that might change everything, including their feelings for each other.
Book: The Heron's Cry The Heron's Cry  – (Book 2 in the Two Rivers series)
Cleeves, Ann
D.I. Matthew Venn returns to The Heron's Cry, in Ann Cleeves powerful next novel, proving once again that she is a master of her craft.
Book: The Heart of Splendid Lake The Heart of Splendid Lake
Clipston, Amy
When Brianna's father dies, the real estate brokers swarm to buy up the land, including real estate mogul Scott Gibson. Will he find his way into her heart as she struggles to keep it all together?
Book: Coming Soon Here Comes the Fudge – (Book 9 in the Candy-Coated Mystery series)
Coco, Nancy
Fudge shop owner Allie McMurphy never expected her maid of honor duties to include clearing the groom of murder.
Book: The Serpent's Eye The Serpent's Eye  – (Book 13 in the Sam and Remi Fargo Adventure series)
Cussler, Clive and Robin Burcell
Husband-and-wife team Sam and Remi Fargo face a new exciting adventure.
Book: Murder Outside the Lines Murder Outside the Lines – (Book 3 in the Pen & Ink series)
Davis, Krista
When celebrity medium Hilda Rattenhorst comes for a reading, a strange mystery begins to unfold, and it is up to Florrie and Jonquille to expose a killer's true colors.
Book: An Impossible Promise An Impossible Promise  – (Book 2 in the Providence Falls series)
Deveraux, Jude
Liam O'Connor has one purpose - to push the woman he loves into the arms of another man, but when Cora starts to return his feelings she makes her own decisions.
Book: Cloud Cuckoo Land Cloud Cuckoo Land
Doerr, Anthony
One novel, three storylines: Anna and Omeir, on opposite sides during the 1453 siege of Constantinople; teenage Seymour and octogenarian Zeno in present day Idaho; and Konstance on an interstellar ship bound for a distant exoplanet decades from now. 
Book: The Final Child The Final Child
Dorricott, Fran
Kidnapped with her brother by a serial killer as a child, only Erin escaped. Now years later, she starts receiving sinister gifts, and she is wondering if the killer is back to finish the job.
Book: Portrait of a Scotsman Portrait of a Scotsman– (Book 3 in the League of Extraordinary Women series)
Dunmore, Evie
Hattie Greenfield wanted three things in life, and none of them involved finding herself marrying Lucian Blackstone.
Book: The Stolen Hours The Stolen Hours
Eskens, Allen
Lila Nash takes the lead for the first time as she races to outsmart a serial killer and to escape the dark hold of her own past.
Book: Rock Paper Scissors Rock Paper Scissors
Feeney, Alice
Ten years of marriage. Ten years of secrets. An anniversary they will never forget.
Book: A Calling for Charlie Barnes A Calling for Charlie Barnes
Ferris, Joshua
As Jake sits to write his father Charlie's story, he has to wonder if his father's life was a series of fantasies and confront the fact that their ambitions and delusions might not be so very different.
Book: Christmas Cupcake Christmas Cupcake Murder – (Book 26 in the Hannah Swensen series)
Fluke, Joanne
The heat is one in Hannah Swensen's kitchen to honor two Christmas promises: baking irresistible cupcakes and preventing murder!
Book: The Free Bastards The Free Bastards – (Book 3 in the Lot Lands series)
French, Jonathan
The third and final novel in the Lot Lands series.
Book: Matched and Married Matched and Married – (Book 2 in the Amish Mail-Order Bride series)
Fuller, Kathleen
Neither Margaret nor Owen has any interest in getting married. But in the town of Birch Creek, their plans don't stand a chance.
Book: The Unknown The Unknown – (Book 35 in the Krewe of Hunters series)
Graham, Heather
When a serial arsonist wants to watch the city burn, it is up to Sienna and Ryder to catch him before the city burns down around them.
Book: Jekyll & Hyde Inc. Jekyll & Hyde Inc.
Green, Simon R.
In a world where all the monsters are in underworld crime, it takes another monster to stop them. Cop Daniel Carter is one step away from drinking the elixir and joining the Hyde Clan.
Book: Matrix Matrix
Groff, Lauren
Cast out by Eleanor of Aquitaine, young Marie de France must make her own way as the new prioress of an impoverished abbey where she is determined to chart a bold new course for the women she leads.
Book: Master of Restless Shadows Master of Restless Shadows | Book Two  – (Book 6 in the Cadeleonian series)
Hale, Ginn
As a schoolboy, Fedeles Quemanor barely survived being possessed by sorcery. Now he must embrace the darkness that possessed him.
Book: Coming Soon Ralph Compton Blood on the Prairie – (a Book in the Gunfighter series)
Healey, Tony
An infamous gunslinger finds his vow to reform put to the test.
Book: Coming Soon True Dead – (Book 14 in the Jane Yellowrock series)
Hunter, Faith
Jane used to hunt vampires, but now she's the Dark Queen.
Book: Shots Fired Shots Fired – (Book 2 in the Double Cross series)
J., Anna
At one point, Selah, Vice, and Skye were inseparable, but money will change the very meaning of "friends to the end."
Book: Coming Soon All I Want from Santa
Jackson, Lisa
A heartwarming holiday romance - the kind that never goes out of style.
Book: Dead Sea Conspiracy Dead Sea Conspiracy – (Book 2 in the Dead Sea Chronicles series)
Jenkins, Jerry B.
Archaeologist Nicole Berman gets permission and secures funding for her controversial Saudi Arabian dig while grieving a personal tragedy.
Book: The Night She Disappeared The Night She Disappeared
Jewell, Lisa
Two years ago Kim's daughter Tallulah went missing while out on a date at the Dark Place. Could a note discovered in the woods lead to the truth about what happened that night?
Book: High Stakes High Stakes
Johansen, Iris
In her latest mystery, we enter the world of high stakes gambling.
Book: Daughter of the Morning Star Daughter of the Morning Star – (Book 17 in the Walk Longmire Mystery series)
Johnson, Craig
When Lolo Long's niece begins receiving death threats, Chief Long calls on Sheriff Walt Longmire and Henry Standing Bear as lethal backup.
Book: Coming Soon When All Hell Breaks Loose – (Book 3 in the Preacher & MacCallister series)
Johnstone, William W.
This is no rescue mission. It's a massacre in the making.
Book: The Burning The Burning – (Book 4 in the Clay Edison series)
Kellerman, Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman
Things get personal for Deputy Coroner Clay Edison when a murder hits close to home.
Book: Hooked on a Feline Hooked on a Feline– (Book 13 in the Magical Cats series)
Kelly, Sofie
Librarian Kathleen Paulson and her inquisitive cats find themselves in a jam when a musician is found dead.
Book: Under the Whispering Door Under the Whispering Door
Klune, T.J.
The story of a ghost who refuses to cross over and the ferryman he falls in love with.
Book: Songbirds Songbirds
Lefteri, Christy
A powerful, redemptive story of loss, triumph of the human spirit, and the enduring love of a mother for her child.
Book: Stone's Throw Robert B. Parker's Stone's Throw – (Book 20 in the Jesse Stone series)
Lupica, Mike
The town of Paradise receives a tragic shock when the acting mayor is discovered dead. It's ostensibly suicide, but Jesse's not so sure.
Book: Tenderness Tenderness
MacLeod, Alison
A spellbinding story of Lady Chatterley's Lover, and the society that put it on trial along with the story's ripple effects across half a century and the transformative and triumphant power of fiction.
Book: The Christmas Wedding The Christmas Wedding Guest – (Book 1 in the Wishing Tree series)
Mallery, Susan
The Somerville sisters have lost faith that they will ever fall in love. As their parents prepare to renew their vows, they come closer to finding it.
Book: Title Coming Soon Tangled Up in You
Maverick, Liz
Two charming characters, a lot of dogs, and true love collide in this smart, funny, and heartwarming new series.
Book: Marked Man Marked Man – (Book 32 in the Joe Gunther series)
Mayor, Archer
The death of a local millionaire becomes suspicious when Joe Gunther learns that he was not who he claimed.
Book: riends Like These Friends Like These
McCreight, Kimberly
A desperate intervention brings together a group of college friends ten years after graduation - a reunion marked by lies, betrayal, and murder.
Book: Coming Soon The Mozart Code
McMilan, Rachel
A richly researched historical romance that takes place in post-WWII Europe and features espionage and a strong female lead.
Book: Santa Cruise Santa Cruise 
Michaels, Fern
Fun, friendship, and romance are on board as four lifelong friends embark on a holiday singles cruise.
Book: Enemy at the Gates Enemy at the Gates – (Book 20 in the Mitch Rapp series)
Mills, Kyle and Vince Flynn
The CIA's top operative searches for a high-level mole with the power to rewrite the world order.
Book: Striking Range Striking Range – (Book 7 in the Timber Creek K-9 Mystery series)
Mizushima, Margaret
A deadly secret is buried in the Colorado high country, and murder is only the beginning. 
Book: Apples Never Fall Apples Never Fall
Moriarty, Liane
The Delaney family love one another dearly - it's just that sometimes they want to murder each other.
Book: The Stowaway The Stowaway
Murray, James S. and Darren Wearmouth
A suspenseful masterpiece that leaves a cruise ship stranded at sea with a serial killer hiding aboard.
Book: The House of Ashes The House of Ashes
Neville, Stuart
A chilling story of a Northern Irish murder sixty years buried.
Book: Stolen Earth Stolen Earth
Nicholas, J.T.
A future where humanity has destroyed the Earth through ecological disaster and warfare, and a totalitarian state prevents any access to their home.
Book: The Last Graduate The Last Graduate – (Book 2 in the Scholomance series)
Novik, Naomi
Return to Scholomance and face an even deadlier graduation.
Book: Coming Soon The Dog Park
Oksanen, Sofi
A captivating story about a woman unable to escape the memory of her lost child, the ruthless powers that still hunt her, and the lies that could end up saving her.
Book: The Book of Form and Emptiness The Book of Form and Emptiness
Ozeki, Ruth
When Benny's father dies, he begins to hear the voices of things in his house. Then he meets his very own Book who narrates his life and teaches him to listen to what truly matters.
Book: Perhaps the Stars Perhaps the Stars
Palmer, Ada
The final installment in Ada Palmer's award-winning, critically acclaimed Terra Ignota series.
Book: Left for Dead Left for Dead – (Book 4 in the Eric Steele series)
Parnell, Sean
Steele battles a renegade group of bioterrorists armed with a devastating virus.
Book: Murder at the Royal Botanic Gardens Murder at the Royal Botanic Gardens  – (Book 5 in the Wrexford & Sloane Mystery series)
Penrose, Andrea
The marriage of the Earl of Wrexford and Lady Charlotte Sloane promises to be a highlight of the season, if they can first untangle and survive a web of intrigue and murder.
Book: A Darker Reality A Darker Reality – (Book 3 in the Elena Standish series)
Perry, Anne
British photographer and secret agent Elena Standish must uncover the truth behind the events of a fateful night, but can she trust her friends and family?
Book: Bewilderment Bewilderment
Powers, Richard
When Theo Byrnes is told that the only solution to help his troubled boy is to put him on psychoactive drugs, he goes to desperate measures to find another answer.
Book: You Sexy Thing You Sexy Thing
Rambo, Cat
Niko and her crew are forced onto a sentient ship convinced that it is being stolen and must survive a sadistic pirate king if they even hope to keep the dream of The Last Chance alive.
Book: Forgotten in Death Forgotten in Death – (Book 53 in the Death series)
Robb, J.D.
Homicide detective Eve Dallas sifts through the wreckage of the past to find a killer.
Book: Coming Soon Farewell Blues – (Book 4 in the Lady Adelaide Mystery series)
Robinson, Maggie
Addie's mother, Constance, is accused of murdering her secret lover, and there can't be enough gentlemen detectives on hand to find the truth.
Book: Beautiful World, Where Are You Beautiful World, Where Are You
Rooney, Sally
Alice, Felix, Eileen, and Simon are still young. They desire and delude each other; they get together; and they break apart. They worry about friendships and the world they live in.
Book: Mile High with a Vampire Mile High with a Vampire – (Book 33 in the Argeneau series)
Sands, Lynsay
Can Quinn protect Jet, the only human in their plane crash, as her fellow immortals succumb to their blood lust?
Book: Oaths of Legacy Oaths of Legacy – (Book 2 in the Bloodright trilogy)
Skrutskie, Emily
Torn between loyalty and love, a young prince will learn how much he's willing to sacrifice as he tries to destroy the rebellion that threatens his throne.
Book: The Wish The Wish
Sparks, Nicholas
If Maggie had one with for Christmas, would it be to go back to her winter with Bryce or to find the baby she gave up for adoption all those years ago? Once she thought she knew, now, she is not so sure.
Book: Miss Kopp Investigates Miss Kopp Investigates – (Book 7 in the Kopp Sisters series)
Stewart, Amy
Life after the war takes an unexpected turn for the Kopp sisters, but soon enough, they are putting their unique detective skills to use in new and daring ways.
Book: Invisible Sun Invisible Sun – (Book 3 in the Empire Games series)
Stross, Charles
A coup d'etat gone awry. A renegade British monarch on the run in Berlin. Robotic alien invaders from a wormhole wreaking havoc in the USA. Can disgraced worldwalker Rita and her intertemporal agent of a mother neutralize the livewire contention before it's too late?
Book: Coming Soon Lost Mountain Pass – (Book 1 in the Trusty Dawson, US Deputy Marshall series)
Sweazy, Larry D.
A lawman's grave mistake sends him gunning for justice against a gang whose violent trail of bloodshed ends at Lost Mountain Pass.
Book: The Magician The Magician
Toibin, Colm
An epic family saga set across a half century spanning WWI, the rise of Hitler, WWII, and the Cold War.
Book: No Gods, No Monsters No Gods, No Monsters – (Book 1 in the No Gods, No Monsters series)
Turnbull, Cadwell
One day, Laina gets the news that her brother was shot and killed by Boston cops. But what looks like police brutality soon reveals something much stranger. Monsters are real, and they want everyone to know it.
Book: The Last House on Needless Street The Last House on Needless Street
Ward, Catriona
This is the story of a murderer, a stolen child, and revenge. The story of Ted, who lives with his daughter and his cat in an ordinary house at the end of an ordinary street. Or does he?
Book: Harlem Shuffle Harlem Shuffle
Whitehead, Colson
A family saga masquerading as a crime novel, a hilarious morality play, a social novel about race and power, and ultimately a love letter to Harlem.